PRESIDENT –   Denise Simenauer

VICE-PRESIDENT –  Michelle Holmes

SECRETARY –  Janice White           

TREASURER – Peter Simenauer   

DIRECTOR – Sue Spencer               

The OBJECTIVES of the NABC are:

Promote a closer relationship among Briard owners, breeders, and fanciers of the Briard breed.

Promote the betterment of the breed through NABC activities, educational events, and

Encouraging the breeding of better and finer purebred dogs by educating NABC members through seminars, internet websites, etc. This also includes supporting health related studies related to the Briard breed.

Do all in it’s power to protect and advance the interests of the breed by encouraging sportsmanlike behavior at all dog related events, and

Promote and support the ideals, activities and the interests of our membership through participation in breed related competitions and events, and

Publish a newsletter for minutes of meetings, officer reports and a general means of communication among the membership, and

Conduct sanctioned and licensed events under the rules of the UKC

Enhance the knowledge of the membership about the Briard through various educational events and seminars, and

To establish, promote and support Regional organizations of this Association that will enhance the knowledge of all individuals relating to the Briard breed.


The NABC began informally in 2008 by a group of Briard owners wanting to create a National Briard Club within the UKC. By  March 1, 2010, the club was formally organized with 32 members who were interested in having a Briard Club dedicated to activities held within the United Kennel Club.


Its first officers were:

President: Denise Simenauer

VP: Richard Jacob

Sec: Jack Wynne

Treas: Teresa Denning


The Charter Members were:

Anderson, Steve & Mary Weir

Lanam, Kathy

Bernardi, Luigi & Debi

Littin, Manny & Jean

Callaway, Anton

Millner, Tommy & Merry Jeanne

Casci, Robert & Natalie

Mourning, Frank & Jackie Brinton

Fox, Linda

Olson, Angie

Green, Mike & Liz

Simenauer, Peter & Denise

Hamilton, Carol

Weaver, Dorothy Vetrone

Holmes, Jim & Michelle

White, Janice

Jacob, Richard & Marion

Wise, Sharon

Johnson, Scott & Nicole

Wynne, Jack & Jan


The NABC held its first all-breed UKC shows on September 8 and 9, 2012 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.